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Australasian Law Management Journal

A blueprint for developing healthy law firm cultures

Talent management expert Daljit Singh takes aim at toxic workplace cultures. Three key takeaways are: • make compassion, respect, responsibility, fairness and honesty pillars of your culture • having few complaints about value breaches does not prove that a culture is healthy • ensure that behavioural expectations within a firm are crystal clear.

Data breaches at scale: The implications for law firms

Cyber resilience consultant Simone Herbert-Lowe explains how to prevent and respond to cyber threats. Three key takeaways are: • consider using audit teams to check cybersecurity compliance after major projects • develop more comprehensive plans to protect sensitive client information • discuss in advance your firm’s stance on paying ransoms if cyber extortion occurs.

Providing price certainty, when the scope is unclear

Pricing expert Colin Jasper explains how to achieve pricing certainty and win more work. Three key takeaways are: • resist over-scoping a project as it can make your price seem higher • limit a list of assumptions to no more than three key assumptions • provide potential clients with pricing options, not one take-it-or-leave it offer.

Q&A with Catherine Henry: "The senior leadership team agrees that we are not a law firm that employs people. We are a people firm that employs lawyers."

In our Q&A, Catherine Henry, founder of Catherine Henry Lawyers, explains the satisfaction she gets from assisting clients in the health and aged care space, why it is so crucial to provide outstanding legal services to regional areas, and how bringing in a CEO and advisory board has transformed her firm.